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Nursing School PreReqs

Pre-Nursing   (216 Views | 1 Replies)
by Latoya Latoya (New) New Pre-Student

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Hello! I'm in need of some advice. I am in the process of applications for a few different Nursing schools in the hopes of becoming a nurse through an accelerated MDE program in nursing. The dilemma I am having is locating an inexpensive Pre-ReQs non-degree program aside from CUNY and possibly online that a nursing program will accept?

Any suggestions will be appreciated.


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Future_GA_nurse is a CNA, EMT-B and specializes in Career changer.

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I'm not sure what MDE is, but have you looked into community colleges? I also know that South College (in Tennessee) has a pre-nursing degree you may want to consider, however it is expensive.

There are online schools out there you can take just your pre-reqs, but make sure the nursing school you're looking into will accept.

Good luck!

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