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Nursing school and PDA?

Still working on my pre-req's as I am working full time, but hope to enter nursing school Fall 2004! :D

I currently have a Handspring Visor and have an opportunity to sell it. I'm wondering if I should hang on to it for nursing school? Will I need a PDA? :confused:

Thanks for any advice you can give! :cool:

Hang on to it! We are required to have PDAs in my nursing school. It has actually come in handy because when I go to clinicals I don't have to take a reference book with me-- it's all in my PDA.

Can you suggest any software titles I should be prepared to purchase?


Check out Skyscape.com. I have Davis Drug Guide, Stedmans, RNDiseases, and Lippincott nursing procedures. I'm probably goint to get a critical care reference soon too.

Oooooooooooohhhh, so much cool stuff! :roll

Thank you so much for the info! Looks like the MemPlug I got for my Handspring will come in handy once I get to nursing school!

Thanks again! :D

But which PDA???


I have a Handspring Visor, and Skyscape.com says their software is compatible - WOO HOO! They also have "bundled" deals - get a Palm PDA plus 1 of their best-sellers for 1 low price. :cool:

Unfortunately, I'm strapped for cash :eek: so I'm just going to keep the one I already have. The Visors have been discontinued, so you can pick one up pretty cheap on eBay from "gray" market distributors, or even direct from Handspring.com (new and refurbished). ;)

Since they have been discontinued, accessories can be found either 1) for really cheap :D or 2) waaaay overpriced because sellers know users can't go anywhere else :( .

Check out sites like PDAgeek.com and PDAbuyersguide.com for reviews if you're looking to buy. ;)

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