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Nursing school for non English speakers

by Karla Mata Karla Mata (New) New

Hello,  I wanna become an LVN I'm working as a CNA now in a nursing facility 

But I'm not fluent in english and my writing isn't really good I'm afraid to go to school.

I stared in 2017 taking some remedial classes but I got pregnant and now I want to star again but I'm not comfortable with my english any advice? a coworker told me to start taking the basics that my English is good and that I'm going to learn more in school she become an LVN 14 years ago and she didn't speak English well  when she stared working but she learned at work  and I saw her the way she works and Shes an excellent nurse,my daughter is going to turn 2 yrs next year and I'm working double weekend 30 hours only so I'm free Monday through Friday and I loved my jobs and the hours are exhausted but I wanna try I sent a message to a counselor today that way she can tell me how to start 

Any advice to improve my English 

Nurse SMS, MSN, RN

Specializes in Critical Care; Cardiac; Professional Development. Has 10 years experience.

Advice to improve English would be to devote yourself to taking some ESL (English As A Second Language) classes. Your local community college should have some. Get a tutor. Have "English Only" days in your home where nobody is allowed to speak in any other language.

Many people who aren't native English speakers go on to graduate from nursing school and work as a nurse. You will want to make sure, though, that you are fluent. Focus on learning English, take the pre-requisites for nursing school and just keep chipping away at it. 

Note that you will want to make sure you are good with English by the time you take NCLEX. Those who do not have a good grasp on the English language have far higher fail rates for NCLEX (the licensing exam for nursing) than native English speakers do.