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In 3 short months I will graduate from my CC and be ready to take the PN boards. I am going through my NCLEX review book and I really don't feel like I am ready. For those of you who have graduated, did you feel that way? Do we really learn that much in 3 more months? Our CC has a good pass rate 96 - 98% the last 5 years and I am a straight A student. Am I just worrying too much?


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I doubt anyone feels ready. Our school also had a 98-99% pass rate. When mine and my classmates' test shut off at 75, we all believed we'd failed. I talked on the phone to one classmate for 30 minutes after his exam because he just *knew* he'd failed. We all passed. Honestly, I believe you either learn it during school, or you don't... I could have studied NCLEX books for another year and not been more prepared nor felt more ready.

With your grades and your school's success rate, you shouldn't worry too much. :) But that's like telling the earth to quit spinning...worrying is just part of the NCLEX process. You'll do fine.


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and I mean EVERYONE worried that they were not going to pass boards ... (And yet, look how many of us did! :chuckle ) If you are doing well academically in a program with a strong pass rate, you should be fine. Try not to stress too much -- best wishes!


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Thank you for your messages. I guess I will just relax, see what I learn the next 3 months and worry about the test when I get there.

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My advice to you is just worry about graduating and getting the most you can out of the next 3 months of school. You will have PLENTY of time to sit and worry about NCLEX after you graduate, God knows I did. I have no idea how difficult the NCLEX-PN test is, as I took the RN, but I would assume it is of the same difficulty level. You will NEVER feel 100% ready to take NCLEX. Take a review course and make sure you do at least 3,000 questions before you take NCLEX. Relax in the meantime and enjoy finishing nursing school, that is a HUGE accomplishment! :)

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