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Okay I was wondering for those who have or will have a nursing school interview, do you think that a portfolio would be a good idea. I mean I am already a CNA, and I have taken a lot of CEU courses that do not count towards my CNA inservice hours. So I was thinking about putting together a portfolio, of all of those certificates, and maybe adding a little essay about me, and why I want to be a nurse. And just so nothing is confused I am applying to an LPN program, at a Voc-Tech. And if it is a good idea, is here anything else I should add? Please healp I really need to get into this program now!!!...:uhoh21::uhoh21::uhoh21::uhoh21::uhoh21:


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Are you actually meeting with the instructors? I would put something together with your CEU certs in case it comes up; I remeber one of my instructors having us write a short essay on why we were there to be nurses but it was once classes began. If you have the time & the inclination go ahead - it can't hurt! Good luck! :p


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I am not sure if I'll be meeting with any instrutors, but I know I'll be meeting with, the head of the department. From what I have been told, by here and some others, she basically makes the admission decisions.

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