Nursing School Interview Attire


Hello all,

I have my first interview for nursing school next week and am hoping for some tips and advice on dressing appropriately. The last time I interviewed with a school was like 7 years ago when I was high school senior, I think I wore black pants and nice blouse. But now I'm in my mid-twenties and not sure if slacks and a blouse is still appropriate. I've been reading a lot of posts talking about pant suits, but I am definitely not comfortable wearing one, the thought of a pant suit makes me feel awkward... so what alternatives would be appropriate so that I can look professional but still be comfortable?

Thanks a million!

Princess Mama

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A nice skirt & blouse? Think business attire. I'm a skirt, blouse, jacket kind of girl.

johnny depp23

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Latex pants with a long tunic cropped t-shirt would be your best bet.

Good luck- and remember, is your number one site for advice when it comes to interview attire.

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Im 22, and I wore the same thing i would wear to an interview:

Slacks...Black, Grey, or Whatever... Just make sure they are in good wear and ironed

A nice blouse: can be a nice plain, non clevage showing form-fitting(not too tight) , or just a norm blouse

shoes: me? personally i like to wear high hills...but not everyone like/can. some nice flats..dont have to be fancy, but in good repair

And--An award winning smile and personality!!!

You will rock it. Dont worry:)

-this is just experiacne because at my old job when I helped the hiring manager...these are the things I looked for. I could care lees if you looked all fancy-smancy. All i cared about is you look like you give a darn with a kick A personality. Good Luck!:)