Nursing School + Fibromyalgia = Awesome?


Do you believe Fibromyalgia is real?

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T-minus one month exactly until Semester: One of my Associates Degree in Nursing starts! When people ask me if I'm excited to get started, I try and force and smile and say, "Yeah! I know it's going to be hard, but I'm really looking forward to it." But the truth is, I'm not pumped right now. As you can tell by the title of the thread, I was recently diagnosed with Fibromyalgia... and I'm trying to accept it.

I am a 37 year old single guy who is changing careers from the web design world... to nursing. Long story short, my father passed away in September of 2013 from COPD. While he was ill, I was able to take care of him at home and in the hospital, and it was during that time that I felt the Lord lead me to change paths... to nursing. So, I started taking steps of faith towards this new direction. I have an existing college degree, but I wasn't sure how I would do with school again, but ended up loving my pre-req's and making A's. I was shocked.

I am currently working in a local hospital as a technician in the ER. I love it. I love serving the nurses and doctors (and even the patients, too!). It's quite a change from what I've been doing. And everyone that knows and loves me is so encouraging and supportive of this change. My family is incredible. And the people that I work with all believe in me, as I've gained their respect since starting there. My community college has even awarded a full-tuition scholarship to pay for ALL my classes. What a blessing.

In spite of all the open doors, I am struggling with my Fibromyalgia... and it has been robbing me of my joy in terms of this, what should be, a beautiful, new chapter in my life. I get angry that I'm letting it get to me. It's been very hard for me to go from a guy who was very, very active to someone who is hurting somewhere all the time. Lately, I see people running in the park or kids just wrestling and I get jealous because they aren't thinking of their knees, shoulders, elbows and back hurting... all at once. I used to be one of them and now I'm on the other side.

I'm just now coming to accept that I really have Fibromyaliga after being diagnosed 10 weeks ago. I have all the symptoms to the max. I haven't even told my family yet, and probably won't. I have a few close friends who I have shared my diagnosis with. I don't want people to worry about me or throw me a pity party (I can do all that just fine by myself!).

I guess I'm writing for two purposes: 1.) to vent a little and 2.) for encouragement and advice. My Rheumatologist is wonderful. He is very compassionate and I trust him. He sent me to a sleep disorder center where I was diagnosed with mild sleep apnea and now have a cpap to help me get good sleep (which if you don't, has been proven to hinder the body from processing pain correctly). I'm struggling with the cpap still after 10 months, but I believe I'm finally getting used to it. The sleep disorder center put me on .5 mg of Klonopin, which I do not like at because I wake up kind of down. I have just been prescribed Celexa, an SNRI. It's not really for depression (although I have been down lately), but focuses on the cause of the Fibromyalgaia and he says has had great results with dealing with the pain.

I need encouragement. I can barely sit at a desk for 5 minutes without something hurting. How can I sit in class for all that time? I need to be moving around, and I know I will in clinicals. My job in the ER keeps me moving around A LOT. I probably walk 15 miles a day in those halls- no lie. But man, after 3 12-hour shifts are over, I am toast with a capital "T!"

I keep hearing stories about single mom's with 5 kids going to nursing school full-time and working full-time and rocking out A's. Surely, this 37 year-old man with some chronic pain can push through this, right? I know I can do it, with God as my source of strength and me just flowing in Him as I also do my part in doing my best.

Thanks for letting me share, and I apologize for the stream of consciousness format of this post! I can tell this is a great community... thanks for letting me be a part of it. At this point, I'm ready to do whatever it takes, since I don't have a plan B. Is there anyone out there in school/been through school who had this diagnosis? If so, please share. My heart (and muscles) are all ears. : )



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Hi and welcome to AN, the largest peer to peer nursing network. While I can't answer your specific question, I'm sure someone will be along soon that can help you out. Glad you joined!