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Nursing school entrance exams for nursing pre-admission exams


I left school years ago and I have just completed some transitional studies which included English, Math, Science, Social Studies and College Skills. I will be taking some pre-reqs which include, English 101, Math 155 and Psy 201 for now and a few other classes later. Can someone tell me whether these math and english are the same GED type or are they are harder. I also need to buy a book to read while waiting to join this classes like a nursing school entrance exams one. I saw several books online like Kaplan nursing school entrance exams, McGraw-Hill's nursing school entrance exam for nursing pre-admission exams and several others and was wondering if anybody here has seen these books, and if so, would they recommend that I buy one? What does one get tested on when taking the entrance exam? I will appreciate your help on this.

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