Nursing School for Deficient Courses


Hi guys. I am a type of person who is kind and understanding. So here we go. I know some of those who were denied by CA-BRN to take NCLEX applied for BVNPT to become LVNs. I know some of you are working as LVNs and few had already gotten their deficient courses complete. But I just wanna share this. I am not into the program yet. I am just conditionally-accepted, but not sure of getting in due to the space availability. But, I just wanna encourage you to TRY this school if you'll have the chance or time. If you're living around NorCal, this may be advantageous for you. Google Modesto Junior College. Go to their website. Click Academics, click Academic Divisions. Click ADN. Scroll down, look for Foreign Graduate Policy. Click it.

You'll see the information there if you still want to complete Med-Surg and OB, and even other deficient courses.

Why am I sharing this? Even though I'm still conditionally-accepted, I know some don't even get into my position as they might be frustrated. I am waiting for the formal letter to enroll the courses. Yes, you can apply for BVNPT, pass the NCLEX-PN, and work as LVN. But, is that really what you want? Perhaps, YES, for now because of financial need, right? No offense for that cuz we all need also to find some alternatives. But, are we just going to be pulled down by the frustration of the BRN's sandards? Hell no. Face it, we need to try to BEAT THE ODDS. At least. So click it now, and READ the instructions. This school is very nice and is one of the best in the Central Valley. Their lab instructors are very approachable.

There is no harm in TRYING. You all know that. I will let you all know if I get into the courses. In God's will. Continue to pray, and please, be optimistic. God Bless us all.


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by any chance did you got into the program? thank you