Nursing school and having a baby?

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I just wanted to get some perspective from those that have already been through nursing school and are already working in the field. I'm going to start nursing school next year, but I'm considering getting pregnant this year and having a baby before I enter into the program. My reasons for this are more medical, as I'm not a spring chicken, and would like to add a child into our family before fertility issues come into play. So my question is, is it possible to go through nursing school with a infant/toddler? Would I just be inviting failure? I want to be realistic as to whether I would be able to successful complete my schooling. Also, if I were to wait and get pregnant the last year of nursing school or even after I graduate, how hard is it to leave the field for a year and then go back to work? I need to make a decision as to what is more important? Having a child or getting my degree... it's a tough choice. Any personal experiences would be great! TIA

Being infertile and going through nursing school is actually something I have experience in.

DH and I tried to get pregnant for years. I had reproductive problems. Five IVF's and a broken heart later-- it was recommended that I have a TAH/BSO.

I'm only 32 and I start trying to conceive in my early 20's-- so I was a spring chicken at the time. In my opinion, I feel that you would regret it down the road if you chose nursing school in instead of trying to start a family. For me, having a family definitely outweighs my career. Careers can come and go. A family is forever. Now, if you were young with no issues with reproduction-- I would give you different advice.

I now have 2 happy boys by the miracle of adoption and couldn't be happier. I love them so much. I couldn't have made better kids if I had given birth.


My husband and I found out we were having a baby around the time that I was in nursing 1. My other kids were 19 and 15 at the time so they were able to take care of themselves; I was induced midway through my Peds / OB rotation (the class and my instructors were great, visited me while in the same hospital for peds clinical):redpinkhe and it was not easy finding time to study and get up to go to class with a new baby. I made it through school but my grades suffered as a result - I would go for having a family and let school wait. As someone said previously, a family is more important that a career so go for it then after the baby comes enroll in school. Good luck with whatever decision you make. Only my :twocents:.

hey littleoleme - just curious to know what you decided on doing? did you go for school or the baby? i am in the same boat right now...cant decide between having a baby first or finishing school. your input would be appreciated. thanks!

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There were a few ladies in my program that had babies during nursing school. We had two gals that were due any day when we had our first round of clinicals! No one had to drop out of school because of pregnancy/having a baby, but it was a challenge. I think it would be doable if you didn't have to work full-time on top of taking care of a baby and going to school.

Personally speaking, I had a baby literaly days after completing nursing school (our last day of class was Dec 4 and my dtr was born Dec 9). I was very fortunate and had an easy pregnancy and it was still hard, but i made it. The worst was the first trimester when all I wanted to do was sleep and puke but had a ton of school work to do.

One of my happiest memories is going to my pinning ceremony on Dec 12 with my 3 day old baby in tow. I was so happy when I was up there getting my pin and seeing my daughter in the audience with my husband and my parents. I was exausted, but I had done it!

I would say don't put off having a baby to go to school, espcially since you are "not a spring chicken" School will always be there, but you may not be able to have a baby if you wait too long. While you are probably anxious to start school, really what's another year or two? You could start school now and if you do get pg you could maybe take a leave for a semester or two.

Good luck with whatever you decide. My best advice is to do what's in your heart and know that these things have a way of working out in the end.

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