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Nursing School Anxiety

by natalieee natalieee (New) New

Hi RN's and Nursing students :)

I'm feeling a lot of anxiety and pretty horrible about nursing school applications. Just looking for some friendly and real advice regarding transferring to a nursing program. I've had a lot of downs and ups during my educational career, which is shown with my GPA (that isn't competitive) and my many withdrawals. I've struggled financially, and have been the bread winner since I was 16. I'm the first person to go to college on my dad's side of the family. I'm applying this year (for next fall) because my units are going to expire at the end of next year. I don't want 72 units to be washed away. Only pre-req's that are completed are general ed (not math), nutrition, psychology of lifespans, and chemistry. I tried searching for schools that will allow me to apply and complete pre-reqs on campus. I've come up with the following: Philips Beth Israel, NYU, and West Coast University.

I'm "older" (29) and I'm worried that my application will just be laughed at. I've talked to many RN's I work with, and they have encouraged me to move through with the applying process, stating nursing schools want diversity, etc. I'd like to know any thoughts about the schools mentioned above- specifically NYU. I know its a long shot- but I might as well try.

Some quick facts on me:

Credentials: MA in an Infusion at UCSF, Certified CNA w/ experience at SNF, Volunteer work at Cancer Resource Center at UCSF, DigniCap certified, and Food For Life Director for Breast Cancer Center and Infusion.

Academia: 2.4 GPA, community college units (72), 2 recommendations (current department manager of Cancer Center and RN who's a PhD)

Thanks all

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Honestly? Your GPA isn't within shouting distance of acceptance in today's extremely competitive admissions climate. You'd be much better off simply repeating those expiring courses since this would undoubtedly elevate your GPA. 29 is not very old at all .... if you poke around here on AN, you'll see that you'd be considered a youngster!

Please think long and hard before committing to a very, very, very expensive program like WCU simply because it would be the easiest academic route. Don't mortgage your entire future with crippling student loan payments. Nursing school is very challenging with a fairly high drop-out rate. What if you were unable (for whatever reason) to complete the program? You would find yourself in a deep financial hole without even a degree or career.

Bottom line? Retake those old classes. You'll probably be surprised at how well you do.

don't worry about expiring dates if you haven't taken anatomy, physiology, microbiology,and statistics then you night not have to worry about the dates on the older classes because these are the ones that expire after 5 years in the bay are. If you get good grades in those classes they can actually bump up your gpa. Good luck