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Hello everyone,

I have just switched from business administration to pre-nursing. I have gone over the requirements for admissions into nursing school (I will be applying for fall 2019 at the University of Nebraska Medical Center).

So here is my quick overview:

I am finishing up my freshman year (age 18) with 10 business classes but including spring 2018 I will have 4 of the minimum 12 required classes to be accepted into nursing school. My advisor stated that the more classes I have completed (for example if I have 15 completed) the more lenient they are on GPA. Of the 4 I have right now I should be standing at a 3.67-3.8 GPA depending on these last 4 weeks of this semester. I will be taking 5-6 classes this summer and 5 this fall. Which would put me at 14-15 completed. If I maintain my current GPA by the time I apply this winter, do you guys think I'm comfortable to be accepted? Also most of my business classes count towards elective credits so I didn't waste too much time this year!

I hope I am not being confusing or vague, still getting a grasp on how everything is going to work going into this! But nonetheless I am more than excited for this change!

I'm a bit confused about your numbers. Programs go by your overall GPA, which is the GPA for every single class you've taken. So that would include the 10 business classes (so if you take 11 classes during summer and fall, you'd have more than 16 classes considered in your GPA). Programs also consider your prereq GPA, which is the GPA of only the required classes or only the required science courses depending on the program. I assume this is 12 different classes (though I've never seen a program that had 12 prereqs).

Either way, I'd say a 3.6 or 3.8 may or may not be competitive depending on the program. You can call the program you are interested in and see if they have stats on the average GPA of those accepted into their program. That's going to give you a better idea than we can. If they don't have that information and you can't find some current students to ask, then I'd shoot more for the 3.8 or higher.

Also, I'm not sure I'd recommend 6 classes during the summer. Summer semesters are more condensed, and 3 classes is considered full time. You don't want to pack so many classes into one semester that your grades suffer. Especially if you are taking science courses like Micro and A&P. They will likely be fairly info heavy, and you want to really get a good understanding so you can use that for nursing school

The advisor told me only the pre-reqs (science and non-science) classes are included, I have 7 elective credit hours that will not be included in gpa but are required for the amount of credits for pre-nursing. I've asked around and some people say 3.8+ and others say 3.6+ to be comfortable. I just didn't know from other expireinces from other people if that was typical or if I already should be above a 3.8 to be absolutely sure!

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How in the wide, wide world of sports do you intend to take 5-6 CLASSES during the summer?

Do you mean 5-6 credits?

I think you need to slow your roll and do a stellar job on the nursing prerequisites, esp. the sciences.

I've signed up for 5 classes, only 1 of them is a science class though! I need to have over 12 total pre-reqs completed before I can apply for nursing school this winter for fall 2019.

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