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My, my Alizza,

The two articles you hyperlinked portray a tragic situation for the nursing profession. I'm sure that there will be new nurses and potential nursing candidates turned off from this career opportunity after reading the articles. However, I feel even more convinced that strong unionization is one tool that would help with establishing standard criteria that needs to be met by both hospitals and nurses that would help improve the work conditions and practice at the bedside. I also feel that the medical/industrial model should be integrated with other more holistic models. Unfortunately, this situation with adverse incidents in patient care is spilling over in areas where nurses usually seek refuge from the hospitals. Like the hospital scenario, this is due to the focus on costs. I don't know, but if things don't improve, I'm afraid the boomers will begin to receive more of their care from robots as time passes. It's almost like we're experiencing the extremes of capitalism. I think those nurses who are seeking knowledge and experience in informatics and IT are wise. They'll be the ones still thriving in nursing after the rest of us either quit or wear out. I am hopeful, though, that most people, boomers, xers, and even yers, would prefer humans at their bedside when they are ill.

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I read the series and thought it was tabloid journalism. I felt that nurses were painted in the worst possible light, and found it demoralizing.

Totally off the topic here, Mijourney, have you ever checked out Nursing Spectrum BB? I've been going to a bit lately, and I have to say that this particular BB is so much "nicer" with you in it! Really! Take that as a compliment. The things I have read on that other BB, the nurses being so mean to one another, it makes me so depressed, some of them are so viscious, but then I come back to here and I read one of your extremely elegant, well thought out and articulate, kind replies and I realize that it doesn't have to be like that! It makes me appreciate my little niche here. Take a bow!

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