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i badly need nursing review notes to study. i'll be taking the november NLE. could someone recommend good nursing review notes here on the internet so that i could just download them? i mean review notes that come in bullets/summary, etc for easy studying...:bow:


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u can check this 1 :


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are you not planning to rvw in the rvw center?.............


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With less than 50% of nurses passing the local board here in the Philippines I would strongly recommend getting a review center. Make sure it is CHED accredited; don't mess with any that are not.

Make sure they provide full education for the fee; you should not have to pay any extra for a "final coaching."

I tend to recommend CENE for those in Manila. They are all UP graduates and very smart people. The staff are friendly and they can give you an honest passing rate for the students. They are located on Morayta near PRC.

Most review centers will tell you 89% or 99% passing rate; that is all manipulated numbers.

As in 99% of their students who pass the mock boards in-house end up passing the real local boards. What they don't tell you is that only 60% of their students pass the mock boards.

If you are in Cebu then I can recommend the Power Development Center on Gen Max ave.

Ultimately you have to take the initiative and study on your own; but choosing the right review center can mean all the difference between having the right tools to study with and not having any tools at all.

Lastly, a lot of nurses claim they cannot afford the quality review centers for one reason or another.

Let me tell you this.. you cannot afford NOT to take a quality review. The average nursing student will spend P200,000 on four years of education; are you telling me that it is not worth P20,000 to make sure that doesn't go to waste?


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try to search for the mp3 review of Kaplan (google it.. i dont know the exact site! sorry!) :D very helpful stuff, especially if your eyes are tired from reading and yet you still want to review. :)


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