Would like some advice on cover letter--moving away from bedside nursing

  1. Hello everyone,

    I'm re-vamping my resume and cover letter, as I have a strong desire to leave bedside nursing. How do I indicate this in both a professional and tactful manner in a cover letter? I've been looking on this site, as well as "Googling" for an appropriate cover letter, but haven't found one as of yet.

    Thank you for any suggestions.
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  3. by   BEACHRN123
    I am also looking to transition away from the bedside. I am going to say that I want to transition away from the bedside and utilize my clinical skills in another manner. I am planning on saying the physical demands of the job are too much and I can't do the lifting anymore. I also want to utilize my nursing and computer backgrounds and do something in informatics.
  4. by   robj
    I have been in nursing for 20 years and in my opinion it is a huge red flag to state that the physical demands of the job are too much. It just does not need to be said. Nursing has become more and more demanding over the years. Employers don't want to hear about weakness, just strength. Keep it short and to the point. Good luck.