Updating My Resume After 1 Year

  1. My husband who will be applying for early separation from the Air Force later this year means we will be moving to Florida. When he applies, I will have had 1 year of MedSurg experience with a few months in geri-psych.

    My question is how do I rearrange my resume? As a new grad, I had placed my clinical rotations at the top of my resume since I lacked experience. I'm under the impression I should probably get rid of my clinical rotations and emphasize my RN experience, but how? Currently, this is what my resume looks like (with some rearrangements from the text window since Word doesn't work well on here):
    Rum Wynnie, BSN, RN
    5555 Mars St.
    Apt. t
    Somewhere, AR 02123

    OBJECTIVE: To obtain an RN position on a Medical-Surgical Floor.

    EDUCATION: Virdian City University
    Graduated December 2012
    Bachelor's of Science in Nursing
    GPA: 3.02

    RN LICENSES: Arkansas


    CERTIFICATIONS: Basic Life Support
    March 2013 to March 2015

    Religious Hospital Medical Center
    6Z, General Surgery
    City, AR 72727
    August 2013 to present

    Registered Nurse
    Rural Hospital Medical Center
    Geriatric Psych
    Rural, AR
    March 2013 to August 2013

    Front Desk Agent/Night Auditor
    Big Chain Hotel
    Big Metropolis, TX 73737
    May 2008 to May 2009

    CLINICAL ROTATIONS: Pallet Specialty Hospital in the Viridian Medical Center
    Fall 2010

    North Pewter Medical Center
    Spring 2011

    Cerulean Women's and Children's Hospital
    Fall 2011

    Ravenclaw Memorial Hospital
    Spring 2012

    St. Mungo's General Hospital
    Summer 2012

    Twinleaf Cancer Center
    Fall 2012

    Responsible for planning reviews with mentor and group to improve
    group members' HESI score.

    VOLUNTEER ACTIVITIES: Volunteer on Dialysis Unit, Cerulean Women & Children's Hospital
    August 2007 to October 2008

    I'm guessing I should be getting rid of the last three sections, but will that make my resume too short?
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  3. by   llg
    Get rid of the school clinicals, but keep your volunteer work and group leader work. Those were experiences that you sought outside of school requirements -- not ones that all students do.

    Also, add a small blurb about the nature of your staff nurse roles -- e.g. the type of patients served, were you a Charge Nurse? Preceptor? Serve on any unit committees? etc. Did you get a good score on your employee evaluations? Key care skills mastered, etc. What kinds of experience is that staff nurse job developing in you that will be an asset to your next employer?
  4. by   rumwynnieRN
    Thank you!