Switching paths, need advice!

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    I've been a SAHM now for the past 3 years and I'm currently updating my resume to return to work (eeeekkk!) All of my experience has been in an acute care setting. Before I stopped working as an RN to stay at home with my son, I worked in PACU, before that I was in interventional radiology, aaannnddd before that I worked as a travel ICU nurse for several years. Before traveling I worked at my local hospital in the ICU.

    My preference would be to stay away from acute care settings. So it'll be a switch for sure. Obviously my experience lends itself to the hospital setting and I'll surely go into detail on my most recent experience (PACU/IR) on my resume. However, where I get stumped is on my travel nurse experience.... To go into detail about each assignment would be quit lengthy and I would be happy to do so if I was looking to stay in acute care. I really would like to consolidate it into one entry and list the hospitals of each assignment (all ICU) underneath with corresponding dates. Wondering if anyone has been in a similar situation or could advise on this resume dilemma?

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