stayhome mom RN needs a job, Resume help please

  1. stayed home after one year of rn work due to visa regulations. now, visa status changed, able to work now. want back to nursing, please help critique my resume.



    xx state Licensed RN with sub-acute care experience seeking position as a full-time Rehabilitation Nurse in a skilled nursing facility or rehab center.

    Nursing Experience
    Charge Nurse Feb,2010-July,2010
    name state of previous job
    Facilitate patient admissions, transfers and discharges.
    Delegate responsibilites to a team of 2-3 assistant staff.
    Carry out physician orders with cases such as: rehabilitation, hospice, tracheostomy, GT/PEG feeding, wound vac therapy& management, Dementia/Alzheimer's care.
    Educate patient and family members about care.

    Staff Nurse Sep., 2009-Feb.,2010
    name state of previous job
    Administer all medications.
    Plan, implement and evaluation treatments.
    Supervise the nursing assistants.
    Responsible for upgrading chart information
    Demonstrate active listening skills and assessed residents comfort needs, communicate the needs with doctors, pharmacy and social service.
    Utilize a holistic family-centered approach to serve the residents and their families, especially for the termination stage clients.

    RN Mollen Immunization Clinics, Wal-Mart stores in xx and xx Sep., - Oct., 2009
    Open and close the clinics independently.
    Manage all the documents, which includes consent forms, payment information and insurance and revenue.
    Give flu shots to clients.

    xx Associate degree in Nurse
    city 2006-2009
    Honors List Dec 2006
    Perfect Attendance May, 2008
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