Resume Advice for New Grad Changing Roles

  1. Hello allnurses community!

    I have a question that I am asking for a close friend of mine who is also a new nurse. She has been working at a local hospital in the CCU as a Staff RN for about 6 months and a week ago decided that she may not be ready for critical care just yet. So to make a long story short; she, her educators and manager agreed that it may be best for her to spend some time in med-surg or med/tele.

    She's curious if she should include her 6 month CCU experience on a resume for the future.
    We would greatly appreciate all your suggestions.

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  3. by   tnbutterfly
    Moved to the Nursing Resume Help forum. Hopefully you will get some helpful responses here.
  4. by   strawberryfields
    I think any experience is great experience, I am surprised as a new grad she got a CCU job that is incredibly difficult.. Best of luck to her with med/tele I think if she is trying to land another CCU job in the near future most of them ask for some CC experience... she could list it on her resume and on the cover letter address the legitimate reason that she only had it for 6 months. actually has an article on how to handle what they would call a "sticky situation" and how to address it on your resume.
    Hope I helped!
    Cover Letter Examples: How to Handle Sticky Situations in Your Cover Letter | Monster
  5. by   neuronRN
    Thank you strawberryfields! Your post definitely did help my friend (I just showed her) and you were the only person to post a response. I told her the exact message; "any experience now-in-days is great experience", especially in critical or acute care. Thanks for the Monster link.