Please review my resume...suggestions??

  1. Hi all,
    I will be graduating in 8 weeks with my ASN and have been trying to compile a resume. Can you please review it and make any suggestions? I did not use a template because I was getting aggravated with the tables and things not lining up. It seems really short and kind of boring. I do not have any other experience in the health care field besides what is listed. I do not know what else I should put. Any advice/suggestions would be much appreciated.
    Oh and btw, I have read online that objectives are really unnecessary, and could actually hurt more than help. Does that sound right?
    I am trying to work on a cover letter as well, so it is not attached.

    **FYI I cannot figure out how to add this at an actual attachment from Word, so I copied and pasted...thats why the dates are not lined up on the left side..but they are in my original document. Can you just review the content and not the actual setup?
    Thanks again

    address | xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx | phone | email

    Associate of Science in Nursing Expected May 2013
    College name
    * Major: Nursing
    * GPA: 3.9

    Phi Theta Kappa 2011 - present
    National Honor Society

    * XXXXXXXX Hospital-specific building (October-December 2011) Cardiovascular Med Surg
    * XXXXXX Hospital (January-May 2012) Stroke Unit
    * XXXXXXXXXXX-specific building (September-November 2012) Level 1 Trauma/Burn Unit
    * XXXXXXXX Hospital Woman's Care Center (January-March 2013) Maternity/Newborn Unit
    * XXXXXXXX Children's Hospital (March-May 2013)

    Direct Support Professional Staff 11/2007 - 5/2009
    Name of establishment
    * Responsibilities included assisting individuals with developmental disabilities to complete activities of daily living in the home and in the community.
    * Administering medications orally and topically under the supervision of a Registered Nurse.
    * Scheduling and preparing clients for medical appointments, picking up prescriptions and completing related paper work.

    XXXXXXXXX Farm Fall 2007
    City and state
    * Assisted children and adults with developmental disabilities with therapeutic horse-back riding under the supervision of **** *****, owner and manager.
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  3. by   ricksy
    Congrats on upcoming graduation. I just posted a thread about resumes too! Part of our school's graduation requirement was to turn in a cover letter/resume. The one comment I got when resume was handed back, was to make sure I had an objective.....although, like you, I didn't think necessary. My daughter is a 4 year Business Grad and she told me to make sure it was there too, so I guess it is a matter of opinion. Good points on your resume, but would ask others if the Clinical information is necessary. I don't have them on mine. Hope we get some responses!!!!