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  1. Hi fellow nurses,

    I graduated in Nov 2011 and still have not been hired, just started volunteering right out of school and am now in Haiti volunteering to gain experience and do what I love, nursing! I'd really appreciate any input.

    [FONT=Baskerville]To obtain a Registered Nurse position where I will be able to use my critical thinking, assessment andorganizational skills to provide safe and effective patient care.

    [FONT=Baskerville]Registered Nurse Volunteer, [FONT=Baskerville]10/12-Present[FONT=Baskerville]
    Hospital Bernard Mevs, Project Medishare, Port Au Prince, Haiti
    Medical Surgical Unit, Triage, Pediatrics, Emergency
    -Collaborated with a team of Haitian staff and International Medical Volunteers to deliverquality health care to the Haitian population at Haiti's only critical care hospital
    Data Asset Manager, Communications, J/P Haitian Relief Organization, [FONT=Baskerville]01/2013-Present
    [FONT=Baskerville]-Optimize workflow in the Communications Department using my organizational skills andknowledge of computer data systems
    Registered Nurse, [FONT=Baskerville]January 2013[FONT=Baskerville]
    [FONT=Baskerville]Ti Kay Haiti, TB Clinic, General Hospital, Port Au Prince, Haiti
    -Collaborated with and supported Dr. Megan Coffee to provide quality health care toTuberculosis and HIV patients
    Registered Nurse Volunteer, [FONT=Baskerville]10/12- 12/2013[FONT=Baskerville]
    J/P Haitian Relief Organization, Port Au Prince, Haiti
    Triage, Wound Care, Vaccine Assessment/Administration, Community Outreach, Education-Nurse Educator at Chronic Disease Clinic- Hypertension, Diabetes
    -Youth Educator at Community Center- HIV, Diabetes
    Volunteer, Medical-Surgical Unit, San Francisco General Hospital, [FONT=Baskerville]03/2012- 08/2012
    Volunteer, Emergency Room, Saint Francis Memorial Hospital, [FONT=Baskerville] 11/2011-03/2012
    Bachelor of Science in Nursing, November 2011
    [FONT=Baskerville]Samuel Merritt University, San Francisco, CA
    [FONT=Baskerville]Preceptorship: California Pacific Medical Center, Medical-Surgical Unit
    [FONT=Baskerville]Saint Francis Memorial Hospital, Psychiatric
    Walden House Treatment Program, Community Health
    Kaiser Permanente, San Francisco, Pediatrics
    Saint Lukes Memorial Hospital, Labor and Delivery, Postpartum, NICU
    California Pacific Medical Center, Neuro/Trauma ICU and Critical Care Units
    San Francisco General Hospital, Medical-Surgical and Telemetry
    Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts, June 2008
    [FONT=Baskerville]University of California, Berkeley, Berkeley, CA
    [FONT=Baskerville]Registered Nurse, State of Florida Expires 09/2014
    Registered Nurse, State of California [FONT=Baskerville]Expires 09/2014[FONT=Baskerville]
    Advanced Cardiac Life Support, American Heart Association [FONT=Baskerville]Expires 04/2014[FONT=Baskerville]
    Basic Life Support for Healthcare Providers, American Heart Association [FONT=Baskerville]Expires 04/2014
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  3. by   mariebailey
    This is just my perspective. I do not work in HR, but I received positive feedback on my newbie resume on a few occasions upon graduation. Also, I had a job offer soon after I graduated. List items in order of importance. The most important item on an entry-level resume is your education, which should go just below the objective. Your clinical rotations & practicum could follow (with the dates included) in a separately labeled section (e.g., "Clinical Rotations") for clarity. Licensure/Certifications seems like the next logical thing to list. Finally, you can have a section labeled "Volunteer Experience". Your cover letter can cover the breadth & depth of your volunteer experience. You may want to be more specific with your objective, & tailor it to the job for which you are applying. Good luck to you! What an awesome experience Haiti must be!