OK here is my cover letter too, Help???

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    November 26, 2012

    Name, Nurse Recruiter
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    Dear Name:

    During the past two years I have obtained a great deal of clinical experience in my various rotations empowering me to begin my practicum in the ICU. In the Intensive CareUnit I demonstrated proficient skills in critical care, participated in emergency codes, and exhibited the ability to safely think critically in a fast paced environment. I offer a superior work ethic, willingness to learn, and outstanding communication skills which include being bilingual.

    As my resume indicates, I have pursued excellence in both my academics and clinical rotations. While If lourished in all of my clinical rotations, the NICU interests me the most. I believe that Hospital Name, with your highly regarded new graduate residency program,would be an excellent place for me to develop as a registered nurse and grow as a professional in the long term. Thank you for your consideration.

    Name, GN
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  3. by   AlaBro2010
    This is your time to shine, paint a picture of yourself, add onto your application. My cover letter goes like this, I let them know how I found the job position, why I'm interested and use specific examples. Don't just say I am passionate about working with neonates. Why? What made you interested? Then in the second paragraph state why you believe you are qualified and state your credentials. They don't need to know you got you BSN from x school, they will see that in your application. This is the time to fill in the gaps and get yourself out there. For example, my nursing program provided me with x hours allowing me to become proficient in x,y,z. Think other things that might make it easier if you were chosen. For others reading, if you have an ADN feel free to put you are pursuing a BSN, for some that may have dismissed you for only having an ADN may look twice.

    After that, explain briefly why they should hire you, your availability and goals. I think I'm a great candidate because x, y, z and am fully available for either night day shift, etc. Add your goals if they are true and benefit the position. I'd like to remain here for x years and later move onto a leadership position within the unit. You get the idea.

    This seems like its an essay but its not. Keep it concise and relevant. Feel free to rewrite and email it to me or for any other help. I'm very passionate about the positions I've applied to and go the extra mile as I'd hate to let those pass me by. I'm pretty sure the reason I've gotten two call backs are my rsum and cover letter.
  4. by   texasrn4ever
    Thank you....here is my revision...let me know what you think

    While exploring job opportunities on the xyz website I found your nurse internship position. Mydesire is to pursue a long time career in the NICU with an exemplary hospital like yours. I want to be a part of theteam that gives these little ones a fighting chance to live a full healthylife.

    With a recent 6 week practicum in the Intensive Care Unit Unit I demonstrated proficient skill sin critical care, participated in emergency codes, and exhibited the ability to safely critically think in a fast paced environment. I obtained a great deal of nursing experience empowering me to begin my career as a critical care nurse. On my own I have obtained a certification in PALS and Pediatric Rhythms through the American Heart Association. Prior to my graduation in December, I applied to the BSN program at Texas Tech University, and was accepted to begin in January.

    I offer a superior work ethic, willingness to learn, and outstanding communication skills which include being bilingual in Spanish. My long term goal is to continue my education, obtain my Master’s in Nursing, and eventually move into a leadership role. I believe I would be an asset on the NICU team and am fully available to work day or night shift. I am ready for the challenge and want to thank you for your consideration.
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  5. by   AlaBro2010
    Sounds good! Fix a few minor issues (I can't tell if that's on my phone it's showing it, like two words stuck together), other than it sounds great. Good luck!

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