Nurse on Probation: Help with Resume & Cover Letter

  1. I need some tips on creating a resume & cover letter that reflects that my license is on probation.

    My previous employer made false allegations (to the BON) after I made a report to the County Health Department related to patient deaths (they found out) and verbally reprimanded by the DNS after giving patients the 800-nursing home abuse hotline number, and worked in an extremely hostile environment almost from the start of employment.

    One of the allegations was drug use. I had done several UAs (all clean) during my 1 year of employment there, when they requested again (about 2 weeeks after the verbal reprimand) I told them I would comply then they started making other requests, such as searching my purse, I left the room & quit. I was fed up with all the BS I had endured.

    The BON investigated & found only a couple documentation errors related to narcotics (follow-up after admin).

    I offered several times to do a hair sample test for drugs and didn't receive a response until I was placed in WHPS almost 3 years later in Dec 2010 (as I was unable to fulfill the requirements of WHPS related to domestic violence in the home & was referred back to the BON).

    After several requests to WHPS as well, to do a hair sample test, they finally said they "don't test hair because they don't test for alcohol" (although the test is clearly on their list of lab tests as acceptable). then they said it would cost $300.00 (it is listed on the AOS site as between $50-150. depending on the lab). I am up for a Hearing Feb 2013.

    I intend to hire a lawyer to fight the BON & WHPS on their decisions but I need help now. I left my husband in last May & have been searching for employment since. I need a job now (can't wait for the Hearing) and don't know how to put the probation on the application, resume & cover letter.
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  3. by   xInspiredx
    One suggestion is to put "ON PROBATION" right next to your title. For example, Name, RN (on probation).
    Also, I would briefly state why you're on probation in your cover letter, and what steps you're taking in order to resolve it.
  4. by   lauralusk06
    It has been one year since your post, I would extremely interested in discussing the WHPS program with you.