New RN w/o exp... Resume help needed

  1. Hello all. so I have been on the hunt for my first job as a RN. I have a long resume but no experience in anything medically related. I have been employed as Hair Stylist and bartender for the last few years even while in nursing school. I just need feedback as to how I should incorporate the my experience into a decent resume. All comments are appreciated good or bad

    Patient-focused ambitious licensed graduate nurse with several hours of clinical experience in a variety of health care settings with a passion for learning and growing professionally within a progressive healthcare environment.

    Associate of Arts FSCJ
    Major: Pre-Nursing
    Jacksonville, Florida

    Associate of Science FSCJ
    c/o August 2014
    Major: Nursing R.N.
    Jacksonville, Florida


    Medical-Surgical Spring 2013

    Applied the nursing process and skills in caring for patients under a guidance of staff nurse and clinical professor in clinical setting on a Med-Surg floor at Memorial Hospital, Jacksonville, Fl.

    Medical-Surgical Summer 2013

    My duties included applying the nursing process in implementing nursing care skills of pre-op/post-op patients. I used nursing knowledge to preform assessments, dressing changes, intravenous insertion and site care, medication administration, measuring input and output, and assessing for all changes in vital signs, skin color, behavior, eating habits on a Med-Surg unit at Memorial Hospital. Assisted with patient care in Outpatient Wound Care Unit and Dialysis.

    Psychiatric Summer 2013

    My duties included demonstrating therapeutic communication skills and providing for clients needs with varying mental and addiction health diagnosis. I assisted in group therapy and teaching session on stress management for patients at River Point Behavioral Health Jacksonville, Fl.

    Pediatrics Spring 2014

    My responsibilities included using the nursing process in the direct care of pediatric clients of various ages at Wolfson Children's Hospital. Many of the clients varied in diagnosis many affected with respiratory isusses, infections and other debilitating conditions. I also applied the use of therapeutic communication and developmental theory to properly communicate with patients.

    Obstetrics/Gynecology Spring 2014

    By applying the nursing process I provided patient focused care to women in various stages of pregnancy. Most of the care provided was of postpartum patients and their newborns. I also participated in the care of and treatment of patients in NICU. I participated in safe administration of medications, and assessing for all changes in vital signs at St. Vincent's maternity department.

    Adult Health 2 Summer 2014

    I used the nursing process to provide total care of clients under nurse supervision at Baptist Medical Center Downtown Campus. I safely administered medication, preformed many duties such as dressing changes, monitor patient status, documentation through EMR and provided a safe environment for patient care.


    Registered Nurse Florida State Board of Nursing, License
    BLS Certified
    Registered donor Red Cross Blood Drive


    Bartender 11/2012 -08/2013
    Rushstreet Inc. Jacksonville, FL

    Interacted with customers while serving various cocktails in in a nightclub environment,
    processed cash and credit card transactions, proper documentation of inventory, trained new employees, and monitor patrons for signs of intoxication.

    Bartender 08/2004 - Present
    Ovation Services Jacksonville, FL

    Responsibilities include proper set-up and breakdown of the bar, process inventory of supplies and spirits, cash handling responsibilities, properly process sales and transactions at closing, assist patrons with orders and provide excellent customer service.

    Cosmetologist 06/2007-Present
    Self-employed Jacksonville, FL

    Provided friendly, courteous and prompt customer service, setting appointments, provide professional hair care and advice on maintenance. I work collaborate with other stylist as part of a team in a salon environment. I also purchase supplies, and maintained bookkeeping and expenses reports.
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  3. by   NursePallasFNP2b
    At brief glance, I would say, you should edit how you present your clinical experiences. I followed the advice I got here on my resume, and thus far have literally scored an interview for all but 3 jobs out of the several I applied to! I was actually just about to make a post about it. Much like you, I am a new grad/RN and had zero nursing or nursing-related experience. Here is what I would do if I were you- this method will condense your resume, but make sure it still has keywords so it's not rejected by automated screeners. In addition, nurse managers know that if you have completed your nursing degree, you have done clinicals. They are largely all the same for every school. However, if you did something extraordinary during one or became very proficient at a skill, then it would be fine to list it. Additionally, I would reverse the chronological order you have them in, listing most recent first instead of last. On to my edit:

    Header: Developmental Experience

    Senior Clinical Experience/Senior RN Student/Whatever it's called at your Uni Baptist Medical Center, City, State Summer 2014 (put all on 1 line with significant space between title/place and date)

    -Skill here with key nursing verbs (ie. I utilized the nursing process to provide direct patient care to patients on XXX unit)
    -Another skill here with key nursing verbs {ie. Documented all care in the EMR (it would be good to get specific if you can, as in did you use EPIC, Kareo, AbelMed, etc), such as patient assessment, wound care, & medication administration}
    -Same here (if you have something to go here, if not that's OK). One of your points could also be about a good example of a time you showed good clinical judgement/patient advocacy/innovative thinking on the unit.

    As for the rest of your clinical experiences, I wouldn't go into them unless you did something really awesome in them that makes them different from anyone else's, let's say Peds clinical for example. Otherwise, I'd just list them like this, making sure to align the dates with your date for the senior clinical above:

    Obstetrics/Gynecology, Place, City, State Spring 2014
    Pediatrics, Place, City, State Spring 2014
    Psychiatric, Place, City, State Summer 2013
    Medical-Surgical, Place, City, State Summer 2013
    Medical-Surgical, Place, City, State Spring 2013

    The dates (the end numbers) should be aligned, of course, but I used the "quick reply," so I wasn't able to get them straight.

    Random tips: I think you need a comma in the objective statement "Patient-focused, ambitious nursing grad...". I was also told on here that you should always have expiration dates with your certifications. For instance:

    Activities and Certifications

    Registered Nurse (Fl, license number here) Expires XXX, 201X

    Hope these help! Also make sure your real resume isn't in all caps! I wasn't sure if this was copy and pasted or you just wrote it that way on here. Good luck in your job hunt!