Is anyone bored? Do you want to critique my resume? Please and thank you :)

  1. I copied and pasted it from Microsoft Word, so the format is a bit off. It fits exactly on one page. Do you think I'll land a job with this resume? Would you hire me? Thanks for any feedback!

    Sarah LastName, BSN, RN

    Street address¨ City, State, Zip ¨ Phone # ¨ E-mail address


    Registered Nurse, Facility Name, City, State
    Transitional Care Unit (May 2011-January 2012)
    • Served as an RN for a caseload of thirteen patients on a forty-nine-bed rehabilitation unit
    • Coordinated and provided direct care for patients recovering from cerebrovascular accidents, myocardial infarctions, amputations and hip and knee replacements
    • Designated as shift representative for unit focus group to evaluate and implement courses of action to improve current practices
    Alzheimer's Unit (December 2010-May 2011)
    • Functioned as primary nurse for elderly patients suffering from Alzheimer's disease and other forms of dementia on a thirty-bed long-term care unit
    • Developed individualized care plans to accommodate mental and physical needs of patients at different levels of cognitive function
    • Collaborated with both nursing staff and multidisciplinary team members and acted as an advocate to protect the health, safety and rights of the patients
    Student Nurse Preceptorship, Facility Name, City, State
    Medical/Surgical Unit (January 2010-May 2010)
    • Completed senior practicum as a student nurse under the supervision of a nurse preceptor
    • Cared for the complex needs of pediatric and adolescent patients diagnosed with conditions such as uncontrolled type I diabetes, growth disorders, cystic fibrosis, sickle cell disease and leukemia on a seventeen-bed inpatient unit
    Server, Restaurant Name, City, State (October 2005-November 2010)
    • Hired as a hostess and quickly promoted to server
    • Prioritized tasks in fast-paced, high-stress situations while sustaining a safe and hygienic work environment
    • Trained new employees and delegated duties to host staff
    • Strengthened skills such as multi-tasking, problem-solving, communication and teamwork

    Bachelor of Science in Nursing, College Name, City, State (Graduated May 2010)
    • Completed over one thousand clinical hours in diverse areas such as intensive care, oncology/hematology, wound care, cardiothoracic transplantation, mental health, trauma/vascular surgery, and hospice care
    • Dean's List, four semesters, for achieving GPA above 3.5
    • Awarded Founder's Scholarship, eight semesters, for maintaining GPA above 2.5

    President, Sigma Kappa Sorority, Chapter Name (January-December 2008)
    • Presided over weekly meetings of the fifty-member chapter and executive council
    • Maintained timely submission of reports and forms
    • Enforced all chapter and national laws and policies
    Philanthropy Committee Chair, Sigma Kappa Sorority, Chapter Name (January-December 2007)
    • Organized and participated in community service activities to support Alzheimer's research
    • Motivated chapter members to become involved in philanthropic charities
    • Updated records of all volunteer hours completed by each sorority member
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  3. by   Biffbradford
    Looks good. I believe the thinking today is to keep it down to 1 page if possible, certainly no more than 2.

    Might I suggest that you add a Summary of Skills, or Summary of Qualifications up near the top (before listing your work history). Something like:

    Qualifications: Strong written and verbal communication skills. Self-motivated, flexible. Etc

    Nursing skills: IV Administration, Pain Management, Patient Advocacy, Patient/Family Education, Time Management, Etc.

    Of course, everybody is a 'team player' and a 'fast learner', so be creative and come up with something original.

    I've re-written my resume literally dozens of times, so I'm getting to be somewhat of self proclaimed expert.
  4. by   mazy
    It looks good, but I agree with Biff. A lot of times these resumes will be filtered through key-word software that will be advancing it through the system based on the words it finds. The more good hits, the farther it will go up through the system.

    So a list of specific skills, things like specific care-giving skills related to your patient demographic (i.e. pain/diabetes management/post-surgical wound care/EKGs, etc.), admissions/discharges (everyone wants to know you can do those!), types of procedures or equipment you are experienced with, i.e. wound vacs, ventilator care, etc. etc.

    It also looks like you have been very strong in advocacy work in the past so play that up too, but you can also blend that with the team player angle by saying something like:

    worked closely with who/what/the other to ensure that x-type of patient successfully received x-type of care.

    Nothing like being a patient advocate AND a team player all wrapped up in a nice package.