Going BACK to work again???

  1. I was injured on the job, (as an RN in the OR), some time ago, and have been disabled ever since. I have recovered most of what I lost from the injury, after many years of PT, medication, and injections into my injured arm. Now, I am wanting to go back to work as an RN, but have this huge gap in my work history. I am not sure how to handle this. I was thinking of working PRN to see what I can still do, (get my feet wet again). I graduated from my BSN program with highest honors and passed my NCLEX on the first try. I have worked as an RN Supervisor, in ER, in ICU, in LTC, and in the OR/PACU/Pre-op. I'm scared I may not have the "chops" I used to have in nursing. What is your advice????
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  3. by   Double-Helix
    How long have you been out of the work force? You might consider taking a refresher course if it's been more than 5 or so years. This will help you brush up on your skills as well as clinical changes in practice. It also shows future employers that you are serious about getting back to work and being an efficient employee. If you held any certifications like ACLS, you'll probably want to consider renewing those (definitely BLS) because it will also help you learn the most current practices and show employers that you have current knowledge of best practice.

    If you 'had what it takes' when you were first a nurse, I have no doubt you'll have what it takes now. One of the best things you can do is show employers that you are familiar with current practices and qualified to re-enter the work force.