First RN Resume

  1. Just looking for any feedback I can get.

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  3. by   MJ48
    I would out your name in the center in bold. It the first thing people see on a resume. Then underneath put your phone and email. For your email address if you have multiple put one that is professional etc yourname@.....

    I like that you are using heading. However, I would suggest that you put your information under the headings. For example

    __________________________________________________ _______________________________
    To obtain a Registered Nurse position with the U.S Department of Veteran Affairs

    I also would put bullet points. For example under your skills highlights you have list make sure you have a bullet point in front of each of them.

    I see that you have listed your experience as a nursing assistant which is good but I would condense it down to 4-5 main key points. Another suggestion would to bold each of your experience ie Nursing Assistant, VA Medical Centre,

    Also I would put what you have for Student Nurse under the education section or change your title from experience to clinical experience. I prefer clinical experience. Then under the different placement you have put specifically what you have done at the placement instead of having it the end. This gives potential employers what you have done at these placements. I would put no more than 5. Also I would have in bold the type of placement you have done and not use a bullet point in front of it. For example

    Pediatrics, Hospital (in bold)
    Date/Duration of placement ie September 2016 - November 2016
    - key point
    - key point

    Under certifications I would just put registered nurse, Pennsylvania. Also I would not put you license number or the expiry date. However, I would have the information ready during an interview. And for your other certification I would put them on there own on a separate line. For example


    • Registered Nurse, Pennsylvania (year obtained)
    • CPR and First Aid (year obtained)
    • BLS (year obtained)

    I would put a copy of resume on here, if I knew how to do it. I hope this feed back helps.
  4. by   tyDCCC
    Thank you for the feedback. I am working on incorporating some of your advice. I really appreciate it!
  5. by   MJ48
    No problem. I have a template you could follow but I can't figure out how to post it. If need more feedback feel free to ask. Hope everything works out.