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  1. Hey everyone,

    so i am looking to apply for another job with another long term care facility. The facility i am interested in is currently not hiring and they have an online system where you can upload your resume. The system is also asking that i upload a cover letter. I have known the director of care for that facility since my grandmother was admitted into hospital for a fall, i think he was her nurse on the unit. When my grandmother got admitted into a nursing home, he also happened to be working there, so we've known each other maybe for a year or two? Since my grandmother has been living in the care home, I've just been helping with feeding and her personal care. The staff knew that I was a CNA and nurse, they have said that i am hard working, and have also questioned why i wasnt able to work at my grandmother's care home. They would even joke about me working there!

    When I applied for my cna and nurse jobs, I never applied with a cover letter so i don't really know how to start when writing one in my situation. Any thoughts, suggestions, and help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
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