As an LPN, should I list previous BScN clinicals?

  1. Years ago I was required to withdraw from a BScN program. I wasn't ready for the program on a mental health and responsibility/accountability front and flunked out of it. I've come a long way and am now in the tail end of my practical nurse diploma program.

    My question now is if I should list the clinical experiences from my 2 years in the BScN program on my resume. While the experience is an asset, the implications of having 2 years of BScN clinical experience which abruptly ended in a resume doesn't seem to be of the good variety to me. I understand that on top of the clinical experience I gained, the life skills and progress I made in responsibility and accountability among other areas due to my failure are actually great strengths. I don't know however if it would be better to completely exclude the BScN experiences on my resume to avoid having employers look at it with suspicion. In that case would I bring it up during interviews were I could explain what happened and how I'm a better nurse now because of it? Or would I even try to avoid talking about it entirely to avoid potential negative opinions associated with failing out of the program in the past?
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