Appling for internal pos, clean up my resume?

  1. Hey all,

    I'm applying for an internal position with the facility where I currently work (trying to transfer to another unit with more room for advancement).

    A friend currently in the unit im interested in recommended I stop by and introduce myself and leave a resume.

    Below is my resume: anything to add? I'm mostly worried about the current position and translating it from external application jargon to something an internal hire would use. Don't worry about the formatting I took out specific ID info.Since this is a transfer and the (hopefully) new unity manager knows my floor is there anything specific i should add?


    [COLOR=#000080][COLOR=#000080][COLOR=#000080] phone[COLOR=#000080] e[COLOR=#000080]mail

    StateCollege FloridaEstimatedMay 2015
    Bachelorin Nursing, RN-BSN
    State College Florida2012
    Associatein Science, Nursing
    University Florida2008
    Bachelors ofScience,Political Science(Health Care Policy)

    Health System Florida Aug 2012 - Present
    Registered NurseMedical/Surgical
    Patientpopulation includes general medical/surgical, neurological (Strokeand AMS) and immediate
    postsurgical.Delegateduties to up to three unlicensed assistive personnel.Managepatient load of
    5to 8 acute patients at one time including up to 6 discharges andadmissions per shift. Float RN
    experienceon Orthopedics, Neurology (including acute stroke), Progressive CareUnit/Step Down.
    SummitHealth FloridaMar2012 - Present
    Contractor.Performed bio-physical assessments on location for clients.Assessments including but
    notlimited to venpincture, BMI, and rapid glucose and lipid testing.
    Medical Center Florida Jan 2011 - June 2012
    Certified Nurse Assistant /1:1 Sitter
    Monitored1:1 designated patients (Chemical Dependency, Baker Act, generalpsychiatric or medical diagnoses at risk for self harm). Engagedclients on behavioral health unit in group activities as directed bytherapy staff. Assisted patients (up to 20) to complete activities ofdaily living as needed. Utilized Electronic Medical Record systems(EMR/EHR).Attendedto patients directly admitted to crisis stabilization from ER entryto placement.

    Macys Florida March 2009 - April 2011
    Commissioned Sales
    SchoolDistrict of County ,Florida Oct 2008 -June 2009
    Contract SubstituteTeacher
    University Housing Florida Jan 2005 - June2008
    Supervisor, Security

    ContinuingEducation/ Certifications
    BLS for HealthCareProviders(American Heart Association) ExpiresFeb 2015
    ACLS Provider (American HeartAssociation) ExpiresFeb 2015
    CPI Conflict Prevention andIntervention Expires May 2014
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  3. by   llg
    I recommend a cover letter or something explaining why you currently have 2 jobs while also going to school. Is your current job at "Health System" full time or part time? And that second job ... how big of a committment is it? Imagining myself as the hiring manager, I would be hesitant to hire someone spreading herself too thin. Are you really committed to a career in MY specialty and on MY unit? I would be afraid that I would be standing in line waiting for your attention because you might be too busy with your other committments to "give much" to the job I was trying to fill.

    Not that what you are doing is necessarily bad ... but it would raise those questions and you should provide that clarification or something to show your committment to the job you are seeking.
  4. by   heydelilah
    Thanks for the feedback! The second job is contract maybe only two shifts a month doing health clinic type of things. Nothing too time consuming. I'm attempting to transfer from my current position in health system to this other one full time to full time. I've been going to school since last year 3/4 time. I'm in no way interested in getting my CRNA or NP. When I stop in to talk to the Ast Mgr I plan on relaying this information, but I'll definitely take all of the advice you're willing to give. Thanks again.