2nd RN Job Resume -- Preceptorships?

  1. Hi everyone,

    I'm in the process of updating my resume for my second RN job and I'm hoping you can help me figure out what to do with my preceptorship experiences during nursing school. I graduated in May 2012 and began working July 2012 on a PCU (mainly cardiac). The job I'm applying for is an intermediate cardiac unit--basically the same thing I'm doing right now. As of right now my resume looks something like this:



    Professional Experience
    -Current RN Job
    -CVICU Senior Preceptorship
    -Junior year preceptorship on the same unit I'm currently working
    -Rural preceeptorship

    -Such and such nursing school, BSN, May 2012
    -Community college for pre-reqs

    Other Employment experience
    -Hospital A
    -Hospital B
    -Hospital C

    -Taking PCCN test April 2012
    -Critical Care Course
    -Basic Arrythmia
    -IHI Certificates

    Organizations & Affiliations
    -Sigma Theta Tau
    -Nursing Student Association (officer, with bullet points of achievements)


    Should I leave my preceptorships or remove them? As of right now I've left them because the CVICU I precepted on as a student really gave me incredible experiences that I haven't had in the PCU I work in as an RN. Since I left that, I figured I may as well leave the other 2? If I do remove my preceptorships I could move my CNA work experience with my one RN job and not have 2 employment sections.

    Also, any recommendations regarding leaving the nursing student association I was involved in or removing it? I was an officer and did various things as opposed to my other 2 memberships that I don't really do anything with besides use their resources.

    Thanks a lot for any help!!
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