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Nursing reserves, which to choose?


I am currently a RN,BSN in the Chicago area and I am interested in joining the reserves in nursing, but I am unsure which one to join and if now is the right time. I have looked at the sites for each and am leaning towards the army reserves, but am unsure. Also, I am currently in a NP program so would it be more beneficial to wait till the end of my program to enlist or enlist now while in school. Any comments from individuals currently in the various services would be helpful. Thanks.

athena55, BSN, RN

Specializes in critical care: trauma/oncology/burns. Has 38 years experience.


Since you have your BSN you would not enlist, but rather commission into the reserves.

You would need to speak with a Healthcare Recruiter, as well, with specific questions you may have as to if you go in as IRR (individual ready reserve) or with a TPU (troop program unit)

If you are selected and are able to be with a TPU then everything depends upon their METL (mission essential task list) and when your TPU would be up for mob or deployment, and how long your battle assemblies/drill would be (2 days or a longer 4 day weekend monthly, along with your 2 weeks during the summer and other missions)

Are you attending school full-time or part-time?

I would suggest you contact a healthcare recruiter first, and if fesible start your packet.

I commissioned into the Army Reserves Nurse Corps, then went active.

Keep us posted on your progress !


Thanks for your response. I am part time now and working full time. It seems that talking to a recruiter would be my best bet because now I have a lot more questions about it all. Thanks again.