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Anyone out there have info on the school in Arecibo, PR? It is a 24 month program that begins in August. I'd love to hear anything, thanks. zzzzzgirl... Read More

  1. by   hihopes22
    YAY TMP25!!! You got your ticket! Woot Woot! Let me know when you will be down here! The worst times to drive in the area is like 2-5 or 6. Pretty much normal traffic hours.My first few days here I had a rental and was walking distance from the beach (in San Juan) and it took about 15 min or so to get to UMET. Which is farther than Inter.

    keke, will definitely let you know about any available places nearby.

    Liz, will you be coming in with a prior degree?
  2. by   tmp25
    Thanks for that info Laleoganaise!! I was looking on homeaway.com initially, but thanks for the new website!! But yea we are planning on renting a car too. I'm just happy to hear that the school is only 15 minutes away from the beach though! Well if you decide to go to La Inter, keep in touch!!

    And yes hihopes22, we got our tickets we just need to find a place to stay now--lol. I will text you when we find a place also I have to ask you another question. lol
  3. by   Keke3202
    Tmp25, liz or not am just glad someone answered. Lol. I also called the school today and was shocked that someone answered the phone in record time. even more shocked that they spoke english. But I have to call back tomorrow cause the director wasn't there and the receptionist tried but wasn't clear enough.
  4. by   Keke3202
    Jen_jen88 if you don't mind me asking but do you perfer it over inter or how did you make your decision?
  5. by   hihopes22
    Okay Tmp25! Sorry I couldn't help with a place. I couch surfed when I came. But I am sure you will find a good place. Check out gustazos.com it's like a groupon. They usually have a lot of hotel deals on there.
  6. by   laleoganaise
    No problem tmp25! Were you able to see the link because it was deleted. If not it's called airbnb. It has a wide range of places to choose from. I'm trying to visit the school in May as well. Will definitely keep in touch.
  7. by   Jen_Jen88
    Nursekeke I was initially going to start at la inter but then began reading some not so good things about it on here so I found a post about umet. Last year I made a trip here in May and visited both schools and I liked umet much more than la inter. Just my opinion. None of my classes have been cancelled and probably won't because the group I started with was about seven people and we've met some from the Spanish program along the way. Clinicals so far have been in the VA and are amazing! Plus we get a review for the nclex in our last semester which is a class offered by the school and the professor has a 95% pass rate
  8. by   Keke3202
    Sounds good. I guess I have to make my final decision when I go over. Am so scared and excited at the same time.
  9. by   tmp25
    Quote from laleoganaise
    No problem tmp25! Were you able to see the link because it was deleted. If not it's called airbnb. It has a wide range of places to choose from. I'm trying to visit the school in May as well. Will definitely keep in touch.
    Yes, I was able to see the link Thank you again, and yay for keeping in touch! lol
  10. by   RNLizzie
    Sorry KeKe, but for some reason this thread keeps going to my spam folder. So the only way I know what's going on is when I perodically check it! Have to fix that! Any who

    Tmp pretty much said it in a nutshell about Umet!Tmp I don't know if this has been mention, because as I stated earlier I haven't been getting posts related to this thread . Why not go directly to the source and use clasificadosonline.com they have a section devoted to vacation rentals in PR!

    Hihopes, I love the username by the way ; ) ! I have an A.A degree and have completed all the nursing prereqs. My only concern is that I may not be able to do the accelerated program do to me not having a Bachelor's degree. Although, I do remember someone on here saying it is possible but it's like pulling teeth. So I'll see when I get there.

    laleoganaise, I couldn't agree with you more about feeling compelled to apply to both, because I too have been accepted at umet but still feel the urge to apply at La inter when I return in May!
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  11. by   laleoganaise
    [FONT=book antiqua]FutureNurseLiz I have to check the thread daily to get updates. I wonder if it keeps going to my spam folder as well!! Any who, I had good vibes from UMET but my curious side keeps nagging me to apply to LaInter as well. I'll make my final decision when I visit in May. What do I have to lose...right?

    Would love to meet with you & Tmp25 in May if possible [FONT=book antiqua]or anyone else who might be visiting the schools in May?[FONT=book antiqua] When will the two of you be there? I haven't purchased my ticket yet...will do so this week...I've been procrastinating!
    [FONT=book antiqua]
    Nursekeke: you are absolutely right...it's exciting and scary at the same time.
  12. by   tmp25
    Laleoganaise and FutureNurseLiz

    I'll be there May 12-17. HiHopes will be around as well so maybe we can all meet up somewhere.
  13. by   hihopes22
    Thanks Liz!! From what I remember, if you have all of the general ed courses done, or most of them except for like a few credits, they allow you to start the accelerated program at Inter. I am not sure how difficult it would be. I was supposed to head out there today, but decided to get some other things done. I will be there tomorrow. I will try to remember to ask about that for you. At Umet they would do the same as long as you have the general ed done. But the program is not accelerated so there aren't two different program schedules. Well technically neither is the program at inter, but you have the opt out option for ADN after 11 months or BSN after 22 months. I guess that's a bit accelerated...lol

    Tmp, you're coming to have fun first! haha Weekend start trip. lol If you go to the beach, go to Isla Verde! Super bright water!

    I will be around and helping tmp with where to go on campus and what to do. I am familiar with both campuses. If we are all here at the same time, it would be great to meet potential classmates!
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