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Anyone out there have info on the school in Arecibo, PR? It is a 24 month program that begins in August. I'd love to hear anything, thanks. zzzzzgirl... Read More

  1. by   mike.choley

    I am wondering if you can share what your schedule for clinicals was like. Did you have class from 5-10 Mon-Fri? How much free time did you feel like you had?

    I am also wondering where most students decided to live. I need beach and waves to keep me sane, so I was looking at commuting from Luquillo possibly.

    Oh and Midwest, I am still in the same boat as you. I am just getting started with the application to attend next August. I feel pretty confident, especially since I already hold a degree in Spanish and If I want will be able to take classes in English or Spanish.
  2. by   06CaliforniaRN
    So I e-mailed one of the program advisors and received some helpful answers to questions I had had about the program. I'll share the e-mail I received...

    "The English Trimester option was an option designed to
    satisfy the needs of those students proficient in English
    as their first language. This option has being beneficial
    (for more than 43 years) to military as well as a US and
    International Students who prefer to study in the English

    We do not have dorms. Most of our students live in the
    neighborhood where there are many apartments or houses
    to rent. Most of them at walking distance from our campus.
    The next trimester starts on February 2010 then on August

    Please let me know If you prefer to receive the application
    on an e-mail attachment or if you want me to mail it.
    Just let me know and I will give you further instructions.
    In order for Admissions to consider your transcript make
    arrangements with your former institution for an Official one.

    Your class program depends on the amount of courses
    transferred to this institution."

    also, in a follow-up e-mail...

    "the bachelor's include three Spanish (Second Language) courses"

    Hope that helps anyone. Based on what some other people had said about getting info, I didn't expect to hear back from them so soon & thoroughly. But once I did it definitely put the thought of applying back on my mind. The price, for me, is excellent, and I definitely want to learn spanish, so having spanish language courses is a huge plus, not to mention the immersion of living in Puerto Rico. My only concern is safety. Can anyone in the program attest to their thoughts on the issue? The NY Times recently had an article talking about some pretty terrible things happening to tourists in Puerto Rico. Obviously I wouldn't be a tourist, but I wouldn't be a local by any means either.

    Would YOU move to Puerto Rico (by yourself at age 22) to go to nursing school for 2 years? I'm very outgoing and adventurous, so in my mind I'm all for it, but then again I don't know much about Puerto Rico (....take that back...I know nothing about Puerto Rico).
  3. by   aphoris
    No, I didn't have class M-F, I probably had 2 days off a week depending how many general classes I took at that time. Some students lived at Condado, which is expensive because it's a tourist area and it's right by the beach, around 20 minutes from the university, but with the usual crazy Puerto Rico traffic, it can take up to an hour! But around the university there are apartments that are shared by students. I find this the cheapest and convenient because it's right by school. Then when you want to go to the beach you just drive there. Believe me when I say traffic is horrible. Now from Luquillo to school is about 50 minutes away, and traffic is not that bad in the afternoon, in the morning is another story. There are beaches 25 minutes away from the university like isla verde, condado, and El escambron where people surf. In Luquillo you only have "La Pared" beach for surfing( be careful with this beach, can be dangerous at times) and Luquillo beach with is really nice and quiet. Let me know if you have more questions:spin:
  4. by   mike.choley

    Thanks again for taking your time to answer my question. I appreciate it!

    Could you please tell me more about how clinicals are? Time, location, how often? Thanks.

    I don't mind commuting as long as I can time it so I miss the rush hour traffic. Fifty minutes from Luquillo doesn't seem too bad, and it would be worth it to be able to wake up and walk to go surfing every day. The problem is that there isn't much good surfing around the Isla Verde/Condado area. The closest is west to Escambron and east around Loiza/Airport. My other idea was the possiblity of living in Vega Baja and commuting the other way to school. I also plan on spending good amount of weekend time on the West coast, so a quicker commute out that way may be my best option.

    It seems that everyone has made note of how bad San Juan's traffic situation is. I'm not very thrilled about this. Can you provide a little more detail about the most problmatic routes during rush hour? I would imagine that commute in and out of Isla Verde would be bad as well?

    I apologize again about me bombarding you with so many questions. I understand that most people would not want to go through hassle of commuting so far just to live by the beach, but for me it is what makes me happy. I will be moving to PR with only two objectives: Do well in school and surf as much as possible

    Thanks again for the help!!!
  5. by   Oakley44
    Quote from aphoris
    No, I didn't have class M-F, I probably had 2 days off a week depending how many general classes I took at that time. ...

    How many months did it take to complete the program? I have a BA degree and have taking bio, A&P, micro, chem and math requirements for other programs in the states. The amorphous time requirements "based upon courses transferred" is so vague as to be annoying. I'm really looking forward to applying to the program so please let me/us know if this is something you enjoyed and if you would do it again. IE. Do you feel that it prepared you well for the NCLEX and that the clinical experience was suitable? Also, what the average rent would be in the area local to the university?

    Thank you.
  6. by   pepitofeliz
    I went to nursing school in Puerto Rico, Not Arecibo but San Juan. The entire course was in Spanish, no prerequisites,no entrance or exit exams. I came back to the US and passed the N-CLEX-RN on my first shot. Just make sure the institutions are accredited by the Nursing League of Nursing,which the one you mentioned is. The schools usually do not give you nclex-style questions for the exams like they do here. Overall I loved Puerto Rico.
  7. by   nmcure

    Are you planning on attending Universidad Interamericana August of 2010? I applied a couple months ago and still have to send my course catalogs.... I am just a little unsure about this program. I'd love to talk more about this.

    I have seen a lot of positive, and negative things said about Universidad Interamericana on this website. I am just really not too sure what to think! I am debating on whether to go down there and check the school out.

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  8. by   06CaliforniaRN

    I'm just as much in the dark as you are. I'm going to apply....and at least I should still have some time to decide. I would really also love to check it out, maybe I will plan a trip if I am seriously considering going (I am also applying to a school or two here in the states). I have also seen the mixed positive and negative reviews. I'm sure the adjustment will be tough at times, but I think after 2 years it will be a very rewarding experience. My only real concern is not getting robbed or something like that, but the police infrastructure in Puerto Rico. I believe it was the NY Times that posted an article about traveling in Puerto Rico, and how the police are very slow to respond, and often not helpful.

    I actually just received the application today via e-mail
  9. by   nmcure
    I applied a couple months ago and just got my first letter stating that they need my course descriptions which I just put out in the mail. They are on "Island time" which is great, just stressful when trying to figure out school deals. I talked with someone at the Metro campus and they told me that the school is not in the best area but it is in the most populated area in PR. I was looking into other schools today that have a nursing program in English. Do you know of any others? I talked to someone that is from Rio Piedras and they said that a car is a must because public transportation sucks. The trains are fine but the bus system is worthless. I find out a lot of good information to know about the city if you want me to pass it on. I am thinking of taking a trip down there to go check it out, that would really be the best way to know if it's worth it or not. I got accepted to a schools in Anchorage, Alaska but it would not start until the Fall of 2011 and I am not willing to wait that long.

    I hope your application process is going smoothly!
    It would be great to know someone from the states that is going there in the Fall.

    If you want to pm me that would be great... I would but I do not have those privileges yet.
  10. by   timmytdao
    Hello my name is Tim. I would like more information on how to apply to nursing in Puerto Rico? Which school should i apply, i don't speak Spanish. I really want to go to nursing school. I just don't know where to start. Can you also provide information on how to apply for financial aid? I have finish all my classes, just want to go to nursing school that is affordable and not too hard to get in.
  11. by   MidWest78

    sorry for the late response I been very busy, you can apply through the link below.


    Select the degree your persuing and it will link you to creating a User Name and Password to fill the application.
  12. by   timmytdao
    Quote from SPower82
    i applied and spoke to someone there a couple years ago. here is the deal:

    17000 for the full program which is broken into 9 trimesters or 3 years. but they do take transfer credits so it could be less

    There are no prereqs and admission is essentially gaurenteed if you have a 2.0 + GPA and you get a BSN after its all done. this info only applies to the english program (they also have a spanish)

    Please note this is not the CRNA program, this is the BSN program which I think is what you are asking about. Also note that RNs get paid about 15 per hour in San Jaun if you can get a job, this is last i heard. Also, I have heard bad things regarding the organization of the program which can be a very seroious issue in some nursng schools, be careful if to many students tell you its disorganized I wouldnt go. my personal experience.

    Can you tell me if they want us to take the Teas exam? How can i applied for BSNA program? Are you planning to going into CRNA program also .. please help.
  13. by   ChanelCinq
    Quote from MidWest78

    sorry for the late response I been very busy, you can apply through the link below.


    Select the degree your persuing and it will link you to creating a User Name and Password to fill the application.
    Hello MidWest78, I am also planning to apply to the English trimester BSN or ABSN (if offered) but everything is very unclear and I don't speak Spanish. My first Bachelors was in French but unfortunately that will not help much in PR.

    So I went to the above link you posted and the choices are:

    Subgraduado - (Grados de Asociado y Bachillerato)
    01 Undergraduate (Presencial)
    02 DE Undergraduate PR Only (Mediante Educacin a Distancia)
    03 DE Undergraduate USA Student (Mediante Educacin a Distancia)
    04 DE Foreign Undergraduate New Student (Mediante Educacin a Distancia)
    05 Undergraduate Transfer (Presencial)
    06 DE Transfer Student Undergraduate (Mediante Educacin a Distancia)
    07 DE Foreign Transfer Undergraduate (Mediante Educacin a Distancia)
    08 Undergraduate Special
    09 Avance (Presencial)

    I have no idea what I am. I don't know what DE means and presencial translates as eyewitness. So would I apply for number 5 which is and "eyewitness undergraduate transfer"??? It scares me that for a program in English the web site is 98% Spanish.

    When I try to contact the school I don't get much farther and people tell me things and then later deny what they said. For example one woman said to fax all my transcripts and she would evaluate them and get back to me and let me know if I had taken all the required courses. When I called her back a couple weeks later the exact same woman lied and said I would never ask anyone to fax transcripts.

    It is all really frustrating and reminds me of when I lived in France in 1994 and they would do dumb things like turn off your electricity for 3 days with no warning on a Friday. You would have to go IN PERSON to find out why it happened. They tell you you didn't pay your bill. Huh? You show proof of the canceled check and they say, "oops, we made a mistake but since it is Friday you will not have electricity until Monday."

    OK sorry for the off topic rant but I feel like I am reliving my days in Paris and their arcane system.

    So does anyone have any contacts at UIA that are helpful and can assist with questions and information

    Also I saw something about needing a form from the Dean of your previous school. The form is only in Spanish and I finished my BA 10 years ago. I can send official transcripts but I don't understand this form for the Dean of a University I graduated from 10 years ago.

    Someone please point me in the right direction.

    And is this program a good idea for non Spanish speakers?

    Thank you in advance to all for any info!