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  1. Hi guys,I recently obtained my LPN license in Florida. The school I attended was a hospital school and they only provided a certificate as well as eligibility to sit for the boards. I am licensed in my state alone. Im 28yrs old and was late diagnosed with A.D.D. Just 2 yrs ago, so I have times I've repeated a science or two. I started taking medication for concentration recently and my grades picked up strong. Now that I have a new control in life and see my true potential I want to become what I thought I had no chance of becoming, " a doctor". My ex fiancé once told me of a medical school in PR that you can do 2 years online from the US and you must go to PR for 2yrs for part of your clinicals or residency. I hear the biggest concern in attending PR programs is being able to do your Residency in a hospital here in US. There are several doctors in my family so I am hopeful once I get to that point they can help open doors.I want to ask several things:1- can a US nurse work in PR as a nurse, or are there different requirements ? Med school is pricey.2- has anyone herd of this US-2yr/PR-2 yr program ? I no longer speak with the ex fiancé. 3- I found a program called ponce med school they are 4 years. Having my BA in liberal arts , would that knock time off?I would try a med program here but the programs are vary strict in US , many won't take you having an average gpa and repeated sciences. Any positive feedback would be appreciated. I plan to call the school directly to ask questions however I value what fellow nurses have herd as opposed to the school who's interest is my money. Thanks guys!
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    Personally I would not go to a physician who only spent 2 years in med-school. Being from PR myself, I have never heard of this but I moved to Florida in 2003, so who know the crazy stuff some people might be doing these days. universidad Catolica de Ponce has a med program I think. I would look them up or give them a call to make sure. As far as working as an RN, as long as you know Spanish you should be fine. Or working in the touristic areas where lots of English speaking people live might be an idea.