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Nursing programs

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After years fo trying to make it in the business world-I want to become a nurse.

Here are my questions, I don't even know where to begin-I'm 41 years old and feel it's too late to go to nursing school-I talked myself out of it 10 years ago...I felt I wasn't smart enough. I have a college degree and hate every minute of being in the business world-

Now that nursing is the "hot degree" I feel maybe I'm too late. Anyone here became a nurse as a second career? I live in Tampa and may try Galen. I don't care if I go to school to become an RN or LPN-it's not about the money-I want a career and not a dead end job..I want to be proud of doing something I love...any help is appreciated. :idea:


It is never too late to go back to school or to follow your dreams. I'm only 20, but experiencing first hand how bad the economy is, having a dead beat job doesn't make it any better.

My mom is 58 years old and used to be an administrative assistant for the state of florida. Because jobs are beyond scarce nowadays, she went back to school and recently graduated from a medical assistant program. Heck we had our graduation parties together because I had just graduated with my AA degree in pre-nursing lol.

So don't be afraid to pursue your dreams because you think it's too late because you don't think you're smart enough....stay positive about your endeavors. Hey my siblings and I used to help my mom with her school with all the time!!! So if you're feeling like you can't do it, in all honesty, it really helps to have a great support system with on your journey to healthcare success and in any and everything you set your heart out to do!!!

Really hope this helps. And please, please don't give up because at the end of the day, age is nothing but a number and everyone no matter how old or young deserves to be happy.

Thanks! I'm looking into the LPN programs-at my age I think this is the best route..then I will go the LPN to RN route...

A lot of people have said to me you are too old, you will never make it...

May I ask which school you attend? I see you are in Florida..:)

I got my AA from Miami Dade College and I just recently got into their nursing program.

I got my AA from Miami Dade College and I just recently got into their nursing program.

Ahh yes I'm in Tampa-thank you for your advice-I'm going to do it-my thinking is I'll be working another 25 years so I should do what I want.


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