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Nursing programs in East bay/ Bay Area that don't require speech as pre requisite ???!

by Kayy12 Kayy12 (New) New

Hello, I am currently stressing out about nursing applications. I live in the east bay (California) and was applying to the near by RN programs for fall 2017. I was really hoping to get into CSUEB but just found out that I was not going to be able to pass my speech class. I have never failed a class before and have all As and Bs but had personal issues interfere which prevented me from passing the class and am now very stressed because most of the nursing programs require speech as a pre requisite before applying and I do not want to have to wait a whole nother year to apply to RN programs. I was just wondering if anyone knew of any other near by programs that do not require speech as a pre requisite that I could still apply for ? I know Los Medanos does not require speech and I will be applying to that program I am just worried about my chances of getting in with the lottery system :( I do not think that Dominica university requires speech either? Any other suggestions would be great! Thanks.

Someone can correct to me if I'm wrong but I'm pretty sure the speech class is a requirement to sit for the NCLEX. So I'm thinking you'll need to look for programs that don't require all prereqs to be completed or one not yet done. I think there are a few programs like that. I think SFSU allows one to not be done. USF doesn't require prereqs to be completed and maybe Dominican doesn't either? Do a search of all programs you would be interested in (that are within travel distance) and apply to the ones that don't require all prereqs to be completed at time of application and sign up for speech in the spring. Good luck!