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I have just gotten into the Nursing Program and so far it is going smoothly. It's not as chaotic as I had imagined. Everything is fairly organized and the teachers are pretty good. Other than the class times, there's not much to complain about. Luckily I transferred some classes that reduced the tuition fee and I didn't have to re-take some classes I have already completed at another college. There are so many things to learn and experience. I have been wanting to get into the medical field and I believe the medical field is a great idea and nursing happened to stand out. After completing this program I plan on taking it further and pursue a master's degree while in the navy. By the time I finish my goals I want to become a successful nurse practitioner (preferably a family practitioner) so I can support a family and of course help others who need help medically.

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Welcome to this community. Good luck with your schooling.

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Hi CrisisBeat! I also just got into a Nursing program in September. I feel very fortunate to be in the program. I hope things will go as smoothly for me as they have been for you. After getting my ADN, I would like to go for a BSN. Just like you, I was also had general education credits that transferred over to lower my tuition rate. I am working right now as a CNA at a long term care facility, but I think starting next sememster I am going to have to stop working to get more time to study. Currently I am taking Anatomy and Physiology, and the memorization is overwhelming. My goal is to think positive and think of the light at the end of the tunnel. I look foward to the difference I will be able to make once I become an RN. Good luck becoming a family practitioner!

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