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Nursing program questions


Hello everyone,

I am starting my nursing program in about two months. I have heard many things about my upcoming program but I thought I would post on here to ask for more advice. If you were to go back before your nursing program what advice would you like to hear before starting?


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1. Know your style of learning; take an online assessment for learning/study styles. Nursing courses are notoriously full of content which has to be sifted and organized. You have to be able to make real-life connections with that information and knowing how you learn and study is essential

2. Form a SMALL study group; I'm not talking about 5-6 people, I mean like 2-3 people total. The idea behind this is that a few days before an exam you get together and review the information that you have studied on your OWN. Do not go into a group study session without first studying the material on your own.

3. Do not harass your professors; I cannot tell you how many times classmates would hound professors for exam blueprints, extra points on exams, etc. However, if you do have questions schedule an appointment with them during their office hours.

4. Come to clinical prepared. Some people come to clinical with 769487921 books, an ipad, 88 pencils and pens. Just come to clinical with a small notepad, your drug guide, 2-3 pens, your stethoscope, penlight and lunch. However, every program is different and demands more or less.

5. Iron your uniform. Nothing upset me more than a classmate who would show up with a wrinkled uniform, so unprofessional, and on that note make sure your shoes are clean!

6. When in doubt, ask. If you EVER have any doubt or worry about something ask. Nothing is more dangerous than a student who thinks they know it all.

Nursing school was/is an amazing time, as long as you put forth the effort and dedication it will be okay!

This was VERY helpful. Thank you so much for taking out your time to give me this great advice. How long have you been a nurse for?


Specializes in Critical Care. Has 4 years experience.

You are very welcome!

I'm not a nurse yet, I will be graduating in December if everything goes well :-]