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Nursing program preqs only high school courses


Okay so I will try not to make this a novel, but a local nursing school near me (that is accredited) only require high school courses as prereqs. Chemistry, Biology, Algebra 1 and Algebra II. And the TEAS V test. My high school grades were pretty embarrassing to say the least :/ and I never took a Chemistry. So basically now what I would like to do is take some online classes for Chem and Biology (maybe Algebra). My question is, would this be possible? And does anyone know of any schools that offer a chemistry completely online. And has anyone ever done something similar to this?

Please help!:nailbiting:

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I would call the nursing school, find out what community colleges have credits that will transfer. I doubt that chem classes will be totally online, as most require a lab along w/ the classwork (anyone else can correct me if I am wrong about this... as I last took college chem classes, WAAAAAAAAAAAAAY back in 19888-89!) Algebra is easy enough to get online, i would think, possibly biology, too. But, definitely check w/ the school as you wouldn't want to pay for credits online only to find they don't transfer (that can become very expensive, and nursing school is pricey enough as it is)