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Hi, I am just wondering if there's anyone in this forum who is the same shoe with me. I am still active duty, got accepted to National University's nursing program. I applied for MECP, but was not fortunate enough to get picked up. Now, I am transferring to a new command luckily just around the area. Is there anyway I can start nursing school while on active duty? I am thinking my working hours would be regular clinic hours and weekdays. I am starting on October this year? Btw, it is a 22 month program but can be just 15 mos according to them if I pass my LVN test this month. I am really confused if I should start or not.

This is something that you are going to have to discuss with your OIC/LPO at your command. While it might be possible, I'm not sure that you are going to be able to pull this off on active duty. Another option might be to use any available tuition assistance and take as many general education courses that you can; you can get a more definite list of courses be reviewing course catalogs of programs that you're considering, but English comp, algebra, chemistry, biology, humanities, etc. will generally be helpful. Also, you should become a regular at your command's education office. While you are on active duty you should take both the SAT as well as ACT. Also, CLEP everything that you can; while it might not help, it definitely won't hurt.

Thank you for your service, and best wishes asbyou transition into school!

Semper Fidelis,

USMC Retired

Thank you, Sir. Yup I did all those prereqs before I joined the navy. I tried applying to nursing schools while I was on the civilian side but got no luck. Ironically, now I got into a nursing program but now is active duty. I really want to start the program but I don't want to put myself into a mess of starting a program that I can't finish. Seems like life is redirecting me against nursing. That's how I feel now.

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