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Nursing Pre-reqs grades


Hello Everyone,

I am currently taking human physiology at a community college.I also have my LVN license. I am extremely stressed out because the drop date with a "W" is today. I have a B- in the course. I don't know if I should stick with my B or drop with a "W" and retake it next semester to get an A. I am pretty positive I can get an A if i retake it. I am planning on applying to Cal State and UC's like UCLA in California. I don't know which one would make me more competitive. Any input would help alot thanks in advance!

Hi! I'm in LA area too :)

I have a friend currently in the UCLA nursing program and it is VERY competetive to get in. She had a 4.0 in ALL her prereqs, patient experience-medical assistant, & over a year as hospital volunteer on her resume, 5 letters of recommendation and a TEAS in the 90's (which she took 2x to get a better score to be MORE competetive). I would say an A in all your prereqs would give you a better edge as far as entrance there and an excellent TEAS score. UCLA is definitely the nursing program you want to shoot for if you can swing the grades and afford the tuition.

Check out Cal State LA. Their entrance prereq GPA minimum is around 2.7, they have a high NCLEX pass rate, I've heard decent things about the school and the price is reasonable. Cal State University Northridge has an accelerated program, 3.5 GPA minimum & it is a really good program.

I'm going to start working on my prereqs in the Spring, my plans are to apply to Cal State LA and Western Governers University ;)