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Nursing Portfolio? Opinions?


Hey guys, I'm in a 12 month ABSN program and I graduate in December and I will be apply for jobs pretty soon. I see a lot of people in traditional programs talking about their professors having them make a nursing portfolio. I don't really know to much about it. Some people say it was really helpful for them and it help them get the job as a new grad. Do you all thing its worth it? I want to apply for a new grad residency at an ICU, so I really want to stand out!

Just wanted to get some opinions.

Enarra, BSN, RN

Specializes in Ambulatory Primary Care. Has 9 years experience.

I Did it because it was a requirement to graduate. I made a online nursing portfolio and gave access only to my professor and advisor it was otherwise locked and sealed. Why? I don’t want people Classmates, schoolmates the whole Internet copying my resume and knowing my business.

For you it’s a personal decision it can’t hurt to do it, get on LinkedIn Ifs there’s an essay portion write a really good one, if there’s interview component ace it hmm that’s about it. Best of luck