Need to update med knowledge base

  1. I have been out of practice for almost 5 years now. Prior to this, i had 30+ years of mostly hospital experience, usually as an acute care float between ER and ICU, or CCU. I used to be a lil walking PDR, but, those days are gone.

    I would like to bone up on the new meds, as well as learn what all new parameters, side effects, interactions, uses, etc, of meds i was familiar with, etc.(things change so fast)
    When i was active, every week, there'd be a new med, a new rule on an existing med, and it was kind of easy to absorb the new info at that rate.

    but Now i face five years worth of new drug info to catch up on. Has anyone heard of any 'refresher courses' specifically for new or latest meds?
    Has anyone heard of any websites or online courses for this type of learning need to become updated on currently popular meds?

    I am not planning to return to hospital nursing, probably will go for either ECF or home health or hospice nursing, but, i feel very uncomfortable with such a lack of knowledge on current meds. Any advice??

    (wasn't exactly sure where to post this, but, it seemed to be a 'med' question?)

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