IV Magnesium Sulfate in office??? - page 3

Is it safe to administer 1 gram IV over 30 minutes to migraine patients with no monitoring and no baseline levels? Having a meeting today with our supervisor to disuss this. If you know of any... Read More

  1. by   jmll1765
    Primary care providers in my area send patients to the ER all the time for a dose of mag or potassium. The ER sends them to med-surg and we administer the mag or whatever and then send them home. They are usually on the floor for a couple of hours. It seems awfully expensive for something that could be addressed in the office. We've had the same patient come in 2 weeks in a row for a mag infusion. I don't mind either way, they are usually the easiest patients to care for...but from a cost point of view, I would think the office would be cheaper.
  2. by   cfausek
    I work in a primary care clinic as a triage RN and recently started receiving IV magnesium infusions for migraines unresponsive to my oral medication arsenal. I receive 1 gm over 30 minutes at an infusion center (within a hospital) and it really makes a huge difference. The only monitoring they do is basic VS before starting the infusion and they use a pump. I had no side effects and was able to drive myself home.

    We don't give IV magnesium at my clinic primarily because we don't have an IV pump, although after seeing first hand how simple it is I would love it if we could do that for our patients. And yes, I do take oral magnesium - actually a fairly good dose spread out during the day - 240mg TID. Maybe it is just not enough or poorly absorbed?? Who knows