I need help with a pharmacology paper

  1. Hi, I am having writers block on my paper and would really appreciate some help formulating it. The topic is LPNs would benefit to know as much as they can about the claimed benefits and drawbacks of the drugs s/he administers and the implications of each of these benefits and drawbacks. I need at least 3 other resources aside from my Nursing Pharmacology Textbook. This is my first major paper and I am not sure what the problem is for me and not being able to get going on it. Thanks in advance for your help
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  3. by   iluvivt
    Your category is awfully broad and that is why you are having problems, Why would LPNs benefit? It is much easier to write a paper when you have narrowed it down to a very specific topic and you have a good thesis statement. If LPNs were knowledgeable about the indications, potential side effects and adverse reactions of the most commonly administered oral medications they would be able to provide focused and meaningful patient education. Try that on for size. You can explain what benefits there are for the patient. You can give an example using a commonly prescribed drug that has a lot of side effects or potential for adverse reaction(s). You can then go and talk about how you plan to provide that patient education.Let me know if you need more help. References are the easy part!
    This is just off the top of my head if I thought about for twenty mins or so I could take your broad topic and make many more thesis statements.