FDA MedWatch: ZyPREXA (olanzapine) and ZYRTEC (cetirizine HCI) medication errors due

  1. MedWatch - The FDA Safety Information and Adverse Event Reporting Program

    Eli Lilly and FDA notified healthcare professionals reports of medication
    dispensing or prescribing errors between the atypical antipsychotic ZyPREXA
    (olanzapine), indicated for the short-term and maintenance treatment of
    schizophrenia and for the short-term treatment of acute mixed or manic
    episodes associated with Bipolar I Disorder, and the antihistamine ZYRTEC
    (cetirizine HCI) marketed by Pfizer, indicated for the treatment of allergic
    rhinitis or chronic urticaria. These reports include instances where Zyprexa
    was incorrectly dispensed for Zyrtec and vice versa, leading to unnecessary
    adverse events or potential relapse in patients suffering from schizophrenia
    or bipolar disorder.

    Read the complete MedWatch 2005 safety summary, including links to the Dear
    Healthcare Professional letter, at
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