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What are some alternatives to bedside nursing that can be found in Michigan? I am trying to scope out my options to see what is available in my state before I take the plunge and go back to school to change careers.

Is the job outlook good here? I have checked out a lot of he hospital websites and see that there are a lot of nursing jobs.

Are insurance companies or places like that hiring nurses? I would like to work bedside right out of school (not sure what specialty yet), but plan to have a family eventually and after a few years of bedside would like to look into something with more normal hours, etc.

Any advice would be appreciated! I have heard that in nursing there are a ton of options.


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I suggest you look around on the internet to find out more of what is available in general in nursing. MI probably has the same types of jobs that other states have. Also, you don't always have to leave the hospital to work more "normal" hours. Many hospitals have areas where they work 8 or 9-5 5 days a week, no weekends/holidays. I think the Cath Lab may be one such area. And hospitals are offering a lot of different options - 3/12's, 2/12's and 2/8's, contingent(work when you want), weekend only, etc. Some are for experienced nurses only but after a couple of years you should qualify. Also, one nurse I know is going to work for a group of doctors in an outpatient chemo clinic. 9-5, M-F, no call/holidays. I'm sure there are tons more opportunities out there.

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The figure I have from 2007 is that MI is short 7000 nurses.

I have been a nurse for 7 months at a major hospital here and there are a ton of opportunities. Lots of 9-5 jobs in proceedural units, OR etc.

Also, there are scholarships specific to nursing in MI. I accepted two of these with the condition that I would stay employeed here (in MI) for 2 years.

Good luck!


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jesse1106 can you tell me what scholarships you applied that was specific to Michigan. Thanks

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