Words of Encouragement LVN to RN with ISu

  1. I have been an LVN for 7 whole years, I have completed all of my pre req at a local community college here in Cali, the competition for RN school here is FIERCE! I am currently enrooled in the ISU LVN to BSN program,I am about to take my very first Exam in Life Span and Development. Has anyone out there taken this exam? if so How was it? Also are there any current or any grads from this on-line school. plz plz hit me up. I need some words of encouragement,
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  3. by   chaxanmom
    I'm not a grad but I'm starting my first semester in the nursing program in January. Almost done with my co-reqs and I'm planning on graduating next June so 18 months.
  4. by   mefime
    Thanks for your response. Will you be starting your first semester with ISU and if so were will you be doing your clinicals?
  5. by   chaxanmom
    Yes this will be my first semester with ISU. As far as clinicals, I have the full psych clinical for that class then for the assessment class I just need a mentor with at least a BSN so it's not a full blown clinical. Psych I am doing at a local hospital. ISU set that up for me after I gave them the contact info. They did all the negotiating. My mentor I had to find myself. Most people just find a BSN they work with or whatever. I have a friend who has her PhD in nursing and works at National Institute of Health (NIH) which is just down the road basically so she's going to mentor me for that. My other two classes aren't clinical ones.
    We're working on contracts for my other clinicals since the local hospital didn't want to commit to the whole program, just psych. I'm either doing the rest at Georgetown or NIH. My friend knows the lady who sets up preceptorships at NIH so that would be easiest but I still need another hospital for maternity so if Georgetown pans out I'll probably do that since it would be a one stop shop for everything I think.
  6. by   mefime
    Thanks for your quick response. However, I am still unclear as to wether or not you are in your 1st or 2nd phase. Also have you or anyone you know has taken the Life Span and development test?
  7. by   chaxanmom
    Honestly, once you start the ISU portion phase 2 and 3 sort of morph together. I'm still working on my modules and am starting the transition class next month so technically I'm only conditionally enrolled in the nursing program and in phase 2. However, along with that I'm also taking upper level nursing courses next month along with transitions.
    I haven't taken the life span test. I took human development in regular college years ago and it transferred. I can't imagine it being all that difficult.
  8. by   mefime
    Good luck, please keep me posted on your success.