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  1. So... I got an update on my university of wisconsin application online it states "status-admitted" , stating that they will send instructions in the mail, does anyone have the same thing going on? What does this mean? Is it a guarantee that I ll get admitted into the Accelerated BSN Program? Or is it one of the ploys to get my $100 deposit, and deny me in the end?My background, I have a Bachelors in Medical Microbiology, gpa 3.44, good teas score, got 1year CNA experience, and currently in an lpn program-almost done though.
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  3. by   Undsnow
    Hi!I also applied to the October 2013 cohort and was able to waiver the $100 fee due to the fact that we have to apply to the actual program in addition.
  4. by   gabookworm
    That just means you were accepted to the university, not the program. Read the application sequence link on the program page, and it tells you what to do to get the fee waived. Program decisions are projected to come in late May.